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Same God

Hi Church Family,

This week, Wellspring Worship is introducing a new song, “Same God.” This is my favorite worship song!  It is a beautiful song that glorifies the unwavering faithfulness of God throughout the generations. The lyrics, “O God, my God, I need You now,” has become one of my heart prayers. Sometimes, you just need the words to express how you feel in the moment, and this one line comes to my mind whenever I need to refocus on my relationship with the Lord. This plea humbles me.  

‘Same God” tells of the Father’s consistent love and power in the lives of His people since creation.  His sovereignty does not get the attention it deserves, and I love how this song powerfully proclaims it. “You heard Your children then, You hear Your children now,” affirms His presence in our lives.  Let these words anchor your heart in humility as you confidently worship the same God who has been an unwavering refuge through all the ages past, just as He is today, and just as He will be in the ages to come. He is so deserving of all our praise and our trust.

Last Sunday, John Phelps, Suzanne Hart and Susan DiFatta prayed with me over our worship service and what a powerful and sweet time of bowing our hearts before the King of kings it was.  There is just nothing better than humbly and openly praying with your brothers and sisters, exalting the Lord God and dedicating our worship to His Name.  We meet at 4:40 in the robe room every Sunday and would love to have you join us. I will be out of town this Sunday, so meet Suzanne Hart in the robe room for this precious time of prayer.

For His Great Name, and because I love you,

Stacy Johnson

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